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A logo that makes your business successful never hurts the feelings of your market. When you create the design, check and see if it has any dual meanings. What my company’s product is LED cases and the brand is Rackinthecases. Designing a logo is not an easy task. It requires a lot of brainstorming, research, mental exercise as well as creativity. Hiring a new and inexperienced designer is the biggest mistake a business can make to create their brand identity. As your logo represents your corporate image, it is necessary to ensure that your designer knows about the corporate world. Hiring an inexperienced designer is equivalent to hiring your neighbor’s kid who only knows how to use software, but has no knowledge of the business world or branding. Now my company has successfully designed a very special logo for LED cases - Rackinthecases(includ of product and brand) which are the main products in my company.And the logo is of importance to my company in my view of point.

Sometimes, an image may convey two different messages. One of them will represent your thoughts for representing your business, whereas the other one is automatically and mistakenly created due to the type of image used in logo along with its connectivity with font style or another symbol. Hence, you need to ensure that your logo is good for people of all ages and it doesn’t hurt the political, religious, ethical or traditional beliefs of any individual or group. Your logo must have a meaning and it must be portrayed correctly. A confusing logo will be devastating for your business growth. If they don’t find your business relevant, then they will never even take a look at your products. So, the meaning must properly be conveyed through your logo design to ensure that it helps you take your business to the next level. 





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