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What is important for my company brand – RK? Since all the people in your business in one way or another have contact with customers, it is important to teach them to recognize individual differences. There is a need to understand the principles of frustration and emotional involvement so that irritation and conflict can be avoided.Since business is dependent upon customers for profit and continued growth and expansion, it is evident that relationships with customers are vitally important to the success of your business.

Deal appropriately with the unsatisfied customer. Where there is customer dissatisfaction, it is necessary to find out the cause such as careless work, defective parts, or unforeseen difficulties arising from some type of faulty adjustment. It is necessary to make an adjustment satisfactory to the customer. When a customer need a fine and cheap DJ case,you should introduce to him a high-quality one,then refer to a cheaper one. On the other hand, if the investigation shows that the fault lies with the customer, someone must take time out to tactfully and courteously explain the facts concerning the case. Such instances will be helpful in making it clear that the store owner or the dealer has interest in the client as an individual, and offering him all possible help. 

Today, business owners should be gravely concerned with this problem for your brand. Competition is very tight nowadays. Many similar businesses are overwhelming the market. For example ,two companies sale the same DJ cases,they both don’t know to keep a good relationship with their customers.This is happening in many similar businesses such as printing greeting cards, business cards printing, custom greeting card printing, boutiques, salon, health and beauty shops and the likes. From my company brand – RK, what is considering of - Improve your understanding of human behavior.





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